New Items coming in May, stay tuned!

Camp Care Packages


If you would like for us to create her care package for you, we have listed this option on our website: Short Term Care Packages. All Short Term packages are delivered on arrival day. The deadline to order is May 21st. 


Returning campers:

Welcome care package- delivered on arrival day, the deadlines to order are:
1st Term- June 3    ORDER HERE
2nd Term- July 8    ORDER HERE

Pep Rallies care package- delivered mid-term right before 1st Field Day, the deadlines to order are: 
1st Term- June 16   ORDER HERE
2nd Term- July 21   ORDER HERE

Remember, campers are only allowed to receive one care package per term, so choose either Welcome or Pep Rallies, NOT both. 
New Campers:
Tribal Drawings Care package- delivered as soon as possible after drawing for their tribe. The deadlines to order are:
1st Term- June 3   ORDER HERE
2nd Term- July 8   ORDER HERE

Due to the historic number of campers drawing for their tribe this term, we will be very busy preparing and delivering this care packages the first few days of camp. Please order your care package by the deadline to avoid  delays.